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Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock Review

High jumping, dunking or playing basketball are really complicated to master. They all require an excellent eyesight synchronization, intense speed and great muscle power. If you are a professional or an amateur and you want to enhance your jumping skills, Vert Shock is precisely what you were looking for. Other comparable products take months or even years to produce positive results… in case they actually produce any. However, people who use Vert Shock have shown notable improvements just in a couple of weeks. The reason is that the exercises in this program have been all scientifically proven to teach trainees how to jump as high as 32 inches more. Moreover, this incredible program works flawlessly well for people of all genders and ages, whether they are professionals or not


Vert Shock is a scientifically proven program based on bodyweight and polymeric exercises that can manipulate muscle fibers type IIb into their ideal performance. It only takes a practice of 4 days a week, less than a daily hour to increase your performance to incredible heights. You can practice Vert Shock’s exercises on any free open space, though soft grounds are the best option.
This tool was designed by the professional dunker Justin Darlington, after a lot of years of assembling different training methods and ideologies. He found out that the human body has two different types of contracting fibres on the muscles: low and fast fibres. He discovered that stimulating the fast contracting fibres, he could greatly improve his vertical jump. When fibers type IIb are worked to contract at a really fast speed, the body can jump amazingly high without extra effort.
If you are exhausted of practicing a lot and not being able to jump as high as you would like to, then you should try Justin’s solution. You don’t have to concern about side effects, since Vert Shock is totally safe, unlike comparable programs that use to cause serious injuries like patellar tendonitis.
This program includes advanced exercises with lesser emphasis on the fibers and a rapid increase on the height that the apprentice is able to jump. Also, the shock effect it has on the nervous system, activates the body so it can jump higher. It doesn’t require special skills and it doesn’t involve extreme weight lifting, so it is very safe for people of all genders and ages, whether they are professional or not.

Pre-shock occurs within the program’s first week and is the encouragement stage to start practicing the rest of Vert Shock effectively. During this period, your jumping capability will increase 3 -5 inches.
Shock is the main program’s phase. It lasts approximately six weeks. Through the shocking of its nervous system, your body will be trained to jump as high as it can.
This last program’s phase lasts a week. On this period, you will train your muscles to recall the skills they have gained in the last two phases. This will guarantee you that you are able to jump as high as you can.
  • A quick guide
  • Workout plan 1: pre-Shock
  • Workout plan 2: shock
  • Workout plan 3: post-shock
  • Detailed videos
  • Vert tracker that you can use to track your everyday progress
  • A forum that you can use to contact the Vert Shock support team, 24 hours a day.
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This program is very well organized and really easy to use both for experts and beginners. Once you have purchased it, you will not need additional equipment and you will not need any extra resources like books, because everything you need to train is available online. You will not have difficulties following its directions, since the program does not use technical materials. All in all, this program is very user-friendly and cost-effective.
When you purchase Vert Shock, you will find that it delivers just what it states on the box, and you will see actual result in a short time, which will save you effort and money. Moreover, it includes a monetary guarantee of two months. This is an excellent plus, since if it, for any reason, doesn’t meet your expectations, you will get your money back.
One of my favorite aspects of this program is that it includes an online site that can be visited at any time. Therefore, you will be able to choose your own training time, without having to attach to any schedule.
Last but not least, Vert Shock comes with additional features, like jumper’s checklist diet and weekly check-ins, which make the program a very pleasant experience.
  • Dribbling, a crucial skill for basketball players.
  • Shooting,also commonly used by basketball players to effectively get the ball through the hoop. To do so, the player has to jump very high and this program can ensure this skill is perfected with ease.
  • Defense, the most important part of the basketball game. To defend, the player has to have quick reflexes. This may be a huge challenge for players, but Vert Shock can help them achieve and maintain their superfast reflexes in an easy way.
  • Mental toughness, which is gained while strengthening the muscles. Training with Vert Shock not only enhances mental robustness, but also the trainee’s self-confidence and will power.
No user of the program has reported any problems while training. However, it is not recommended to overuse this program since it may cause muscle overstress and it may harm the body. The proper directions for using Vert Shock can be found on the user guide. Plus, if you have any doubts, you can contact the Vert Shock support team, who will happily assist you 24 hours a day.
I would totally recommend it! It will only take you eight weeks to achieve the height you always wanted. You will be able to jump from 9 to 15 inches higher! Plus, you will not need to buy any extra products or resources to see effective results and you have a money back guarantee. Therefore, you have nothing to lose.
If you really want to enhance your jumping abilities, you have no excuse. You should try this safe, forthcoming and scientifically tested method!

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